Dog Walking Pals - Walk*Hike*Play
Book Appointment Requests Through Pet Check Technology:

But know that your appointment is just a request until it has been approved by Dog Walking Pals.  You can login to petchecktechnology to review your schedule at anytime.

Please book your appointments with as much notice as possible.  

There is a $10 Late Booking Fee automatically added to all appointments with less than 24 hours notice.

There is a 4 hour Cancellation Policy.  (Or you will be charged in full for the service-regardless if the service is performed or not).

Booking an appointment online:
It is a very easy process in Pet check.  You will have the option to have repeating appointments or a one time booking request.  

1. If you want to book an appointment for one time only then select the date, service requested, click one time only.  Review your appointment calendar to make sure that you did everything correctly on the appointment.

2.  If you want to book an appointment for multiple days (even if just a few-or weeks).  To do this you need to request a recurring appointment.  Click a start date and a end date.  Select what days of the week you would like the service.  And of course what service and additions you need. 

3.  If you want a indefinitely recurring appointment.  It is the same as above except.  You DO NOT select an end date.

Customer Comments/Appointment Notes
A really cool feature of Petcheck technology is that you can communicate with the dog walker remotely by adding a customer comment or appointment note.