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Favorite Hikes And Dog Walking in Colorado

Dog Hiking Club is offered Monday through Friday!!!
Giving your dogs the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and enjoy a variety of trails.  We take up to 3 dogs per dog walker per adventure.   It includes a free car ride to the trail and to pick up their hiking buddies.  The hike is 45 minutes long.   For only $25!!!!  There is a Morning & Afternoon Hiking Club Offered.  Space is limited call to make your reservation!

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful State.  There are many fun and interesting places to walk our dogs in Colorado particularly in Jefferson County. 

Below is a list of some of our favorite Dog Walking Places.
Some of our Favorite Trails
Matthew Winters Park,  Golden CO.
Prospect Park, Wheatridge, CO.
Along the Clear Creek in Golden CO.
Table Mountain has many great trails around it. I enjoy going on both North and South Table Mountain.

Mt. Galbraith, Golden, CO.
Green Mountain/Hayden Park, Lakewood, CO.
Welchester Tree Park, Lakewood, CO.
Bear Creek Open Space Park, Lakewood, CO.
Red Rocks, Morrison CO.

Chief Hosa, Golden CO.
 Just like us, dogs like to go on nice beautiful walks.  So when we are pet sitting or dog walking we will find nice trails to walk your dogs.  On the longer walks/hikes with dogs we will often take them on little adventures and explore some of the nearby trails and hikes that are great for walking dogs in Golden, Lakewood, Morrison, Wheatridge and Genessee, West Arvada..  If your dog has a favorite dog walk or trail that you like to walk your dog on.  We are more than happy to do our dog walking there.  

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