Dog Walking Pals - Walk*Hike*Play

Dog Walking Services
We cater these to your dogs needs.  We provide services ranging from a quick let out service to long walks, with additional play time.  We charge you by the time and you customize it to make it your own.  We have options for every budget.

Dog Walking Cartoon
 10-15Minutes Quick Let Out Service
This is just a quick potty break, play
  and cuddle.    

 Off Peak Let Out Service
(8-10am or 2:30-4:30pm Windows)

Must be able to come anytime with the morning or afternoon windows respectively to qualify as off peak visit.
 30 Minute Walk/Play

This is the most popular visit.  It   
     gives the dogs the opportunity to 
     get a little exercise and love.
 Off Peak 30 Min Walk/Play
(8-10am or 2:30-4:30pm windows

Must be  able to come anytime within the morning or afternoon off peak windows respectively to qualify as off peak visit.
 1 Hour Walk/Play
 This is a great option for those dogs that have extra energy or just need that extra bit of attention.  We can do a private hike as long as we can get to and from the trail and do the hike within the hour (great for dogs who are not good candidates for hiking club - but live near a trail)
 Off Peak Hour
 (8-10am or 2:30-4:30pm window)
Must be able to come at anytime within the morning or afternoon off-peak windows respectively.
 Additional Dogs

 $5 per dog
 Cat Visit (2 hour window) 10-15 min
 flexible time Cat visit  - 10-15 min


Dog Hiking Club

This is an opportunity for your dogs to go out on adventures with other dogs.  The dogs are picked up in their homes and brought to a trail where they will go for a 45 minute hike with up to 3 dogs per dog walker.  This will give them variety in their dog walks and it will give them the opportunity to socialize with other dogs.  AM and PM sessions are offered Monday through Friday

Hiking Club 45 minute Hike
with up to 3 dogs total. per walker

Additional Hiking Dog
 per household Fee

Pet Sitting
When you are out of town your pets are happiest when they are in their own home!  We recommend that you hire a overnight pet sitter so that your pets have that extra companionship.   However we do offer a evening and morning care option as well.  Both of our pet sitting plans include: a morning walk, watering plants, getting the mail, and feeding all the pets in your home.   For dogs you will need to choose an additional dog walking service of your choice (for an additional fee).
 Overnight Care
Am 30 Minute Walk 
Evening 30 Minute walk
At least 13 1/2 hours of overnight Care. 
Lots of extra care and cuddling for your pets.

Mail brought in

$10 extra for additional Dog Fee
  Morning & Evening Care
Am 30 minute visit/Feed
Pm 30 minute visit/Feed
(Book as 2  30 min visits)
Additional Midday Visits 
  Available at Regular                   Rate

Waste Removal
We only offer waste removal as an addition to already scheduled service.  If you would like us to clean your kitty litter or Pooper Scoop your yard while we are there this is a optional appointment upgrade.  All cat visits include kitty litters for up to 2 kitty litter boxes.  If you have more than two litter boxes or more than two cats there is an additional charge.  

                    In Addition to Weekly Service

Pooper Scoop Yard


Clean litter Box


                            Additional Services
We know how challenging it is to fit in time to take your dog to their appointments.  Let us help.  We will ensure that your pet gets to where they need to be.  We also offer pet errand service if you need help getting the supplies that your pet needs.
Pet Taxi
   $27 each way up to an hour of time (roundtrip if can be done within the hour)
Pet Errands
   $27 Each Way
 (or 1 roundtrip if can be completed in the hour)

Appointment Windows
In order to give the best possible care to all of of our Dog Walking Pals.  We ask for a 2 hour appointment window on all appointments.  If you require or desire a shorter appointment window this is an option for an additional fee.  All appointments must be within our business

Standard 2 hour window


Upgraded 1 hour Window

$5 additional fee per appointment

Upgraded 30 minute window

$10 additional fee per appointment
 After Hours Fee
(Before or After 7am or 7pm)

(the entire appointment window must be within  regular business hours- to avoid fee-)


 There is a Holiday Surcharge  of $5 for all visits & $10 on all overnights on the following days:  Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter Weekend, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

Scheduling Deadlines:
All appointments must be scheduled by 5pm the day before to avoid a late booking or cancellation charge.  If you cancel after 5pm the night before you will be charged in full for the appointment (regardless of cancellation).  

If you schedule a late booking appointment after 5pm they day prior there is a $10 late booking fee added to the regular service rates.