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Dog Hiking Club for Dogs in Golden, Lakewood, Genesee,
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Who Needs a Dog Walker?
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Dog Hiking Club for Dogs in Golden, Lakewood, Genesee,

Introducing Dog Hiking Club!
Summer is here and with it amazing hiking!
I have decided to start a hiking Club for Dogs.
It is a group hike for dogs to various hiking locations in the area.
This will help make it easier to get those dogs who don’t do well in the summer heat out for their exercise without getting too hot.
It will also add a little variety to the dogs regular routine!
Plus it is a great opportunity for dogs to get a little extra socialization!
The Cost is $20 per Dog, (additional dog per household fee is $7)

Who Needs a Dog Walker?

Who Needs a Dog Walker?
Before I became a dog Walker...I thought this was a luxury item for people.   was wrong. If you own a dog, you should hire a dog walker.  

Some people require more extensive pet care than others.  This is one of the great things about hiring a dog walker. You can customize your pet care services  to meet your and your dogs individual needs.

Here is a list of times that people need a dog walker:

  • When you are working.  Unfortunately we often have to work long hours and don't have the time to give our dogs the exercise/potty breaks that they require.