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How to keep your dog busy while you are away

Have you ever walked into your house after a long day at work to find that your dog has been VERY busy all day...Or, do you just worry that your dog is bored while you are away.  It is incredibly important to keep your dog busy while you are away.  If you don't give them jobs to do, many will find their own entertainment...One of the things I do for my dogs Sampson and Boomerang.  I have a toy basket with a wide variety of toys in it.  There are of course their favorites...Sam's Tennis balls and Boomer's baby (stuffed bunny).  But what they both love is when I leave for the day and I give them each a Kong that has been filled and frozen the night before.  I will vary what I stuff it with, to keep things interesting.  I find when I do this, my dogs are much happier.  Another tip is.  I put the toys away at night and rotate in different toys.  Just like little kids they get bored with the same thing every day.  By making it a treat to play, they look forward to play time!  Now, when I return-I usually come home to happy dogs who have just been playing with their toys.  They are of course happy to see me.  But, it helps to know that they are happy while I am away.